Do HDB’s new flat purchase policies really favour Singaporeans?

Posted on 01 Mar 2013 |

Public housing in Singapore is meant primarily for Singaporean families. That is why our housing policies differentiate between Singapore Citizens (SC) and Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR) by according greater benefits to SCs than SPRs.

Applicants wishing to purchase a subsidised flat directly from HDB must have at least one Singapore Citizen listed as a flat buyer in their application. This is to ensure fair opportunity for the Singapore Citizen applicant to enjoy subsidised public housing.

SC-SPR applicants, however, do not get to enjoy the same level of benefits as SC-SC applicants. They have to pay a premium of $10,000, on top of the purchase price, when buying a flat directly from HDB. This amount will only be reimbursed when the SPR spouse takes up citizenship, or when they have a Singapore Citizen child.

SPR-SPR households, on the other hand, do not enjoy the privilege of buying subsidised new flats at all. They can only purchase resale flats from the secondary market at prevailing market prices, and they do not enjoy any form of housing subsidies from the Government.

HDB's housing policies are formulated to prioritise Singaporeans first, and do not benefit SPRs over Singapore Citizens in any way. You may refer to this infographic to find out more about the differences in benefits for Singapore Citizen and SPR households.

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