Is it fair to compare BTO prices from different sales launches?

    22 Dec 2015 |

As each BTO project is unique, prices of BTO flats will always differ across projects due to location, design and flat attributes.

Even so, some people have chosen to selectively compare the prices of different BTO projects without considering the factors that affect the pricing.

Such direct price comparisons are not valid or meaningful, given that there are many differences between BTO projects, even for those in the same town. Some developments have more favourable attributes, such as proximity to MRT stations, neighbourhood/ town centres and parks. Their higher selling prices would thus reflect the value of the attributes.

HDB has stabilised BTO prices since 2011 and our new flats are priced considerably lower than comparable resale flats so that Singaporeans can enjoy a subsidy at the point of offer. In addition, we have enhanced housing grants in 2013 and 2015. First-timer families are now eligible for up to $80,000 of Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG) and Special CPF Housing Grant (SHG) following the latest SHG enhancement in August 2015. With all these measures in place, the actual prices of new BTO flats sold today are affordable, provided buyers make prudent choices.

To help Singaporeans, HDB will continue to ensure that new flat prices are stable. Our commitment will always be to ensure that BTO flats are affordable, particularly for first-timer Singaporean households.