HDB flat options for singles

    28 Jun 2017 |

More housing options for singles

HDB reviews our housing policies regularly to ensure that they remain relevant. The changes in our policies in recent years reflect our efforts to better address the housing needs of singles. Today, singles have more housing options, and are not limited to buying HDB flats from the resale market. Under the Single Singapore Citizen (SSC) scheme or Joint Singles Scheme (JSS), singles are also allowed to buy new 2-room flats in non-mature estates from the HDB.

Timeline of the changes in grants for singles

Housing policies promote strong family ties

Our public housing policies remain oriented towards the family, and that is why they are heavily subsidised for families with at least two members. While singles buying a 2-room flat in the non-mature estates from HDB alone under the SSC scheme will have to pay $15,000 more compared to that of families, they can apply for the CPF Top-Up Grant and enjoy the same subsidy as a family upon marriage to a Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident.

Consistent with our pro-family policy to encourage mutual care and support, singles looking to buy flats with their parents under the Public scheme can purchase any flat type, and those who are orphans may also buy any flat type with their unmarried siblings under the Orphans Scheme. We will continue to review our policies regularly to cater to all Singaporeans of varied needs and budgets.