Are new HDB flats smaller?

Posted on 09 Sep 2015 |

Flat sizes have not changed since 1997, when HDB had to adjust the sizes of flats for Singapore to accommodate a growing population on limited land.

Although generally, the flats are typically smaller than what they were 30 years ago, this does not necessarily mean the quality of living in HDB flats has been affected. Over the years, families in Singapore have gotten smaller, which has resulted in most households having more space per person.

Apart from offering a range of flat types, HDB has also made significant improvement in flat designs.

For instance, we have incorporated the dining area into the living area to provide a more spacious overall common living area, and even included the option for open concept kitchens. These have given residents greater flexibility in utilising their space.

For larger, multi-generation families, in September 2013, HDB introduced a new flat type – 3-Generation (3Gen) flats for multi-generational families. The 3Gen flats come with 4 bedrooms of which 2 bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms, and are bigger than typical 5-room flats.

Flat buyers can be assured of various options to suit their needs and budget.