Are parking wardens paid according to how many summonses they issue?

Posted on 24 Apr 2014 |

No, the salary of the parking warden is not determined by how many summonses they issue.

HDB appoints service providers to carry out car park enforcement work. The appointed service providers hire parking wardens and pay them a fixed monthly salary. There is no reason or incentive for parking wardens to issue more summonses than necessary. They exercise the authority vested in them to issue a summons only when motorists or motorcyclists have flouted the parking rules.

The parking wardens play a key role in maintaining order at public car parks for the convenience of all. Their vigilance ensures, among others, that service roads are not blocked by cars parked indiscriminately, that HDB residents who pay for season parking each month get a parking lot, and that visiting motorists are not deprived of a lot either because of illegal parking.