Why can’t I renovate my flat any way I want, since I am the owner?

    06 Feb 2014 |

HDB has clear guidelines on the type of renovation that can be performed in a flat. They are put in place to ensure that all renovation work are properly carried out. Wrong and unsafe practices may compromise the structural integrity of an entire block of flats, and ultimately endanger the flat owner and family, surrounding neighbours, plus the wider public.

All HDB flat owners are required to engage an HDB Registered Renovation Contractor to carry out renovations. Under the scheme, the Registered Renovation Contractors would have to obtain HDB’s approval in the form of a renovation permit, before commencing works like demolishing walls, or replacing wall and floor finishes.

Flouting the requirements could result in flat owners and/or appointed HDB Registered Renovation Contractors being fined, or a possible debarment of contractor’s registration, depending on the severity of the violation.

Flat owners also play an important role in ensuring that the renovations in their flats are carried out according to the renovation guidelines. For example, they need to ensure that their appointed contractor obtain the necessary approval before commencing any renovation work. They can refer to the HDB InfoWEB for details on home renovation guidelines, or contact their local HDB Branch if more information is required.

Note: The Registered Renovation Contractor Scheme is not an endorsement of any particular contractor. The engagement of an HDB Registered Renovation Contractor is a private arrangement between flat owners and contractors, and HDB is not privy or a party to the contract and its terms.

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