Clarification on a Crane Operator’s Account of Improper Construction Practices

    04 Aug 2015 |

A Singaporean crane operator reported to HDB yesterday afternoon that he had observed improper construction practices at a Punggol construction site. He alleged that water was being added to the cement mix on site.

HDB acted swiftly on his feedback. We carried out additional tests on the concrete quality at the site in question. The tests done have shown that the quality of the concrete is in order and have met specified requirements.

The case has since surfaced on social media while our investigations are ongoing. We have been engaging the crane operator in question. He informed that on the matter of his employment being terminated, the fact is he was actually not sacked but re-assigned to another site to work. He also stated that he did not write the article that was posted on the social media.

We wish to assure flat owners that HDB has a robust quality control system in place for structural work, which is in full compliance with the Building Control Act of BCA. Site personnel are also deployed to supervise concreting works, in accordance with the Building Control Act.

We take all such feedback seriously and will follow up to investigate thoroughly to ensure that the safety and quality of our buildings are safeguarded and not compromised. If we should find any lapses on the part of a contractor or consultant, we will take appropriate action firmly.