Did HDB reject ‘Rose Devilrose’s’ flat application without providing any explanation?

Posted on 28 Oct 2014 |

A recent online post by ‘Rose Devilrose’ said that HDB had repeatedly rejected her family’s flat application in the past five years, without providing any explanation. She also claimed that in the process, HDB had failed to accurately assess if her family could afford an HDB flat.

HDB is aware of the details of the family’s application, and the actual circumstances are as follows:

  • The family has not submitted any formal application to buy an HDB flat in the last 5 years. The application in question was for a housing loan.

  • HDB has not at any point rejected the family’s housing loan application without providing an explanation. In the various correspondences and interactions with ‘Rose’ and her family, HDB officers had asked for documentary proof of their financial position, a routine request made for every loan application. However, HDB did not receive the required documents or complete information, despite repeated assurances from the family to cooperate.

  • Our security officers had sought police assistance when a member of the family displayed violent behaviour, and not because the family refused to leave the HDB Hub premises.

At our last meeting with the family on 16 October 2014, HDB had restated our commitment to work with them to reach a viable housing solution. But in order to do so, we need their assistance and cooperation.